Halloween Popcorn Balls

SERVES: 24  COOK TIME:   TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes


3⁄4 stick butter or margarine
2 containers Solo Marshmallow Creme (7 oz each)
1 small pkg (4 serving size) orange gelatin dessert
few drops of orange or red and yellow food coloring (optional)
14 cups popped popcorn (3-1/2 quarts)
2 cup candy corn


To make this easy popcorn ball recipe, combine popcorn and candy corn in large bowl. Set aside.

Combine butter and marshmallow creme in saucepan over low heat, stirring till blended. Mix in gelatin and food coloring to increase orange color (optional) until blended thoroughly.

Pour marshmallow mixture over popcorn and candy corn in bowl and mix lightly until well coated. Wait 5 minutes and with buttered or wet hands, firmly shape into 24 balls, approximately 5” in diameter. Refrigerate popcorn balls for an hour until set. Serve popcorn balls immediately or wrap each ball in plastic wrap or bags.

Halloween Kid friendly

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