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Baking with the good stuff.

Baking is about love––and showing how much you care. It’s why the ingredients you use mean so much. And why bakers have turned to Solo for generations. Our premium-quality fillings and toppings are kitchen-tested, easy to work with, and always extra delicious. Use them to add a little something special to recipes new and old.

Cake & Pastry Filling

Give your baking the fruitiest, nuttiest, most indulgent flavors imaginable. Our legendary fillings never disappoint!

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Almond Paste

Some of the greatest bakers swear by it and who are we to argue? With more almonds in each spoonful, our almond paste is the best of the best.

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Exceedingly rich and smooth, our marzipan has the ideal consistency for molding. It makes for a beautiful accent on cakes and holiday cookies.

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