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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy Solo products?
A. You can purchase our products at grocery stores across the United States. The Solo and Baker brands are most often found in the baking aisle. For a listing of stores that carry our products, please visit our "Find Us" page. If you are unable to find the product locally, we suggest purchasing from Amazon.
Q. Is my Solo product still fresh?
A. All retail products, with the exception of Marshmallow Creme and Almond Paste, have an expected shelf life of 24 months when kept in acceptable storage conditions. The expected shelf life for Marshmallow Creme is 15 months in acceptable storage conditions. The expected shelf life for Almond Paste is 18 months in acceptable storage conditions. 
Q. Why can't I find my favorite flavor of Cake & Pastry Filling or Pie Fillings?
A. You may have noticed over the years that some of your favorite flavors are no longer found on store shelves. Over time, we had to make the tough decisions to discontinue our line of Baker Natural Pie Fillings, select flavors of Solo Cake & Pastry Fillings and select flavors of Baker Cake & Pastry Fillings. Unfortunately, we do not plan to produce these items again. You can find our current product list here.
Discontinued Solo Cake & Pastry Fillings:
Mixed Berry
Discontinued Baker Fillings:
Mixed Berry
Q. How should I store Solo products?
A. All unopened and sealed retail products can be stored safely in your kitchen without refrigeration or freezing. Once opened, we recommend that you store in an air-tight container. In a refrigerator, product should remain fresh for about 30 days. If frozen, the product should remain fresh for about 3 months. Do not freeze jars.
Q. How can I tell how old my product is?
A. We print a special code on every can, jar, and tub that you can use to find out exactly when you're product was made in our plant. For a full guide on how to read the code, please visit our Product Date Interpretation Guide.
Q. Are your products gluten-free?
A. We manufacture many gluten-free products including all flavors of Solo Cake and Pastry Fillings, Baker Dessert Fillings, Solo Marshmallow Creme, Solo Almond Paste, Solo Marzipan, and Simon Fischer Fruit Butter. For a complete list, please visit our Gluten-Free Page.
Q. Can you provide allergen information for your products?
A. Yes, view our product guide to view information on allergens as well as sensitivities (gluten, MSG, Sulfites).
Q. What should I do if I receive defective product?
A. While we continuously strive to implement all safety precautions, it is possible for products to occasionally become damaged in transit. If you are not satisfied with your product or you have received damaged products please contact us right away. Please be sure to include the item’s coding on the top of the can or jar (on the bottom for Marshmallow Creme) when writing or have it with you when you call.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us by sending an email to or by calling toll free 1-800-EAT-SOLO.