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Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops

Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops are a creative homemade treat!
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Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops are a creative homemade treat!


24 Cake Pops
Prep time
45 minutes
Cooking time
20 minutes
Total time
1 hour, 5 minutes


cake mix (chocolate)
10 tablespoon
whipped chocolate frosting
26 ounce
white chocolate chips
1 package
sprinkles to decorate


To make this Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops recipe:

  • Bake your chocolate cake according to the box instructions. You may also bake a cake from a homemade recipe, but a boxed cake will save you time. Let cool completely.
  • Discard firm edges from cake, and then crumble up entire cake into a large bowl. Add in all raspberry cake filling, followed by slowly mixing in the chocolate frosting until evenly blended. For best results, use your hands to mix the ingredients.
  • Roll cake batter into golf ball sized portions and place on a greased cookie sheet.
  • Heat approximately 2 ounces of white chocolate morsels in microwave for approximately 1 minute on half power. Stir until completely melted. Dip the tip (approximately ½ inch) of cake pop sticks in white chocolate, then insert tip into already formed cake balls. Place cake pops in freezer for 20 minutes or until completely cooled.
  • Heat the rest of the white chocolate morsels in microwave for approximately 3 ½ minutes on half power. Dip cake pop into white chocolate to lightly cover. Spin cake pop stick to get an even coating of white chocolate.*
  • Add decorative sugar or sprinkles to cake pops. Place cake pop sticks in styrofoam or any other firm base for cooling upright. Once completely cooled, wrap in decorative plastic or lay out in any desired pattern.

*Cake pops can also be decorated with toppings without a white chocolate or candy morsels layer. Use a bright topping for best results.

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