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A cool and creamy pie. Perfect for hot summer days!
So rich and delicious!
The coffee-walnut poppy cake makes for a great breakfast or afternoon snack!
 a reduced-fat recipe 
Delicious Chocolate-dipped Almond Horns!
Cocunut prune bars are a great tasting treat!
A versatile cookie. Try any flavor fruit filling, like raspberry or apricot.
 A reduced fat recipe 
 The marshmallow makes this dessert so creamy. 
Chocolate chips and date filling make this so delicious!
This caramel dip recipe is so rich and creamy!
The bite-size cheesecakes taste great with cherry topping.
So fun to make and fun to eat!
 A favorite dessert!  
Delicious fruit filled pinwheels!
Creamy Raspberry Panna Cotta
Chocolate Almond Fudge Bites
Mini Chocolate Almond Bundt Cakes with Almond Cream
Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops are a creative homemade treat!
Cherry Almond Irish Soda Bread is a Modern Twist on an Irish Classic
Add almond filling to a classic carrot cake recipe for a delicious twist!
Bring this red, white, blue, and delicious Cherry Blueberry Marshmallow Fruit Salad recipe to your
This Chocolate Cherry Almond Paste Granola Bars recipe is a great for school lunches and after-
Dip all those apples you just picked from the orchard in the perfect autumn recipe: creamy caramel
Add food coloring to the filling of these Chocolate Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches for a holiday
This candy rice cereal treats recipe is the perfect way to use up all that leftover Halloween candy!
This Cranberry Almond Cake recipe will delight the entire family during the holiday season!
Almost everything tastes better with chocolate, so add it to a spritz cookie!
Sweeten up your day by adding some cherries to your spritz cookies!
Chocolate chips, sandwich cookies, cream cheese, and marshmallow creme combine to make the best
Chocolate Marshmallow Graham Bars are a simple no-bake recipe that will please the entire family!
Easy and fun, this Cookie Butter Marshmallow Bars recipe will be a hit with the whole family!
Looking for a great homemade candy? Give these Chocolate Almond Cherry Truffles a try!
Combine a delicious double almond cookie with peanut butter marshmallow spread for the perfect
This chocolate almond bark recipe may definitively prove there is no better combination than
This Chocolate Almond Peanut Butter Cups recipe is further evidence the combination of chocolate