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A moist, rich cake with a wonderful almond flavor that is great for any occassion.
 This apricot cake will be a hit with fruitcake lovers. This cake combines a tangy apricot
 The citrus flavor is so refreshing! 
 This traditional Danish pastry is filled with an irresistible almond filling,  topped
 A deliciously different rendition of chocolate chip cookies, almonds make for a wonderful
 These light almond cookies baked in an elegant crescent shape just melt in your mouth! 
 Chewy almond cookies made with Solo Almond Paste and topped with a cherry. A delicious and
 These no-bake treats are so easy and fun to make with your kids. They will really enjoy
 These oatmeal bars filled with apricot filling and nuts will hit the spot if you are in the
 These beautiful shortbread like cookies are filled with apricots, pecans and coconut for the
 A savory dish with a perfectly crisp outside and wonderfuly moist inside filled with apricot
A treat adults will love!
 These apple filled bran muffins make a great breakfast treat or afternoon snack. They're
 Apricot Streusel Muffins are filled with apricot filling baked inside moist muffins and
 A creamy and satisfying cheesecake with rich, creamy almond flavor and crunchy almond crust.
 A twist on an Italian classic dessert. Ladyfingers are layered with almond filling,
 An elegant fruit and nut tart perfect for the Holidays. 
 A buttery, tart shell is filled with rich, creamy almond and sweet apple filling for an
 A delicious treat! 
 Cranberries take a traditional almond loaf to a whole new level.  A fabulous cold-
Almond White Chocolate Magic Bars
Almond Panna Cotta with Orange Raspberry Sauce Recipe
Apricot Almond Dessert Chimichangas with Cinnamon Mascarpone Cream 
These wings sneak up on you. Sure, they look unassuming, but they are jam-packed with super-hot
Almond Paste Fruitcake Cookies 
Almond Cardamom Rolls are a lovely pastry to enjoy during any moment of the day. The dough is
In celebration of October being National Pizza Month AND National Dessert Month, we decided to
Spice up the season with this amazing almond maple pumpkin pie!
Almond Raspberry Baked Brie is a simple and easy appetizer to bring to your next party!
Quick, easy, and delicious -- these Almond Paste Pancakes will help start your day off right!
This Almond Cream Churro Sandwich is unique, fun to make and absolutely delicious.
Simple and traditional, this almond paste spritz cookie is sure to please even the pickiest eater.
Perfect for Valentine's Day (or any other day you want a pastry), this Almond Raspberry
This Almond Coffee Cake recipe is simple, comforting, and delicious!
Celebrate Easter with a delicious Almond Filled Easter Puff Pastry dessert!
Try this easy and delicious bite-sized almond oatmeal cookie recipe!