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5 Bakers that Blog - Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 7:15am

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re baking for boyfriends, husbands, or kids we have the perfect Valentine’s Day recipe for you. This edition of Bakers that Blog features classic Valentine’s Day cookies, pies, and fuzzy cake balls. Whichever Valentine’s Day recipe you choose, we hope you love the finished product!

Hungry Happenings

valentines day treats

Hungry Happening is a bit different than other baking blogs. Beth makes and bakes delightful creations that appeal to every age. She combines baking and crafts to create edible art! Each of her recipes are easy to follow, so try making these Valentine’s Day Fuzzy Cake Balls or one of her many others! If you can get them looking like hers, you’re Valentine will be full and happy! Follow Beth on Twitter at @HungryHappening

Cake Journal

valentines day treats

Louise is a cake decorator who has been sharing her beautiful decorating with us since 2007. Since then, she has picked up numerous other writers who post, making this a comprehensive site for all kinds of bakers. Be sure to make these Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies, and read her others posts on cake decorating. Follow Cake Journal on Twitter at @Cakejournal 

Folk Lifestyle

valentines day treats

Folk Lifestyle is a small publication and blog that features posts about baking, travel, lifestyle, and more. Here, you really do get the best of everything so be sure to explore deep into their pages. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s day dessert look no further than these Nutella Blackberry Hand Pies. They are sure to please! Follow Folk on Twitter at @FOLKmagazine

A Chow Life

valentines day treats

A Chow Life’s Robin has been creating recipes and blogging for years, and we stumbled upon her when searching for homemade candy hearts. We found these Peppermint Candy Hearts instead of traditional conversation hearts, but we thought they were sophisticated and perfect for a Valentine’s gift! Follow Robin on Twitter at @achowlife

The Skinny Confidential

valentines day treats

This Valentine’s Day Recipe is super simple and healthy! If you’re looking for a cute, but quick Valentine’s dessert look no further. For this recipe all you need is fresh Strawberries, a bit of whip, and sprinkles to decorate. To see how pretty they can turn out, be sure to view the original:  V-Day Strawberries and Cool Whip recipe! Also, follow The Skinny Confidential on Twitter!

We hope you find and create the best Valentine’s Day Recipe yet! Single this Valentine’s Day? Look at these adorable Puppies Eating Pie to cheer you up!