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Top 10 ‘Eat What You Want Day’ Desserts!

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 8:45am

Top 10 Eat What You Want Day Desserts

Happy National Eat What You Want Day! Oh, oh yes. For the foodies out there, this day is like the Christmas Day for desserts. For the rest of us, this is an excuse to indulge in some of our favorite sugary treats.

In honor of this day, we’ve come up with our top 10 favorite indulgent foods. Enjoy!

#10: Maple Bacon Popcorn Balls

Best Eat What You Want Foods - Maple Bacon Popcorn Balls

These are extremely easy to make, and they make for a savory and sweet snack!

#9: Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops

Best Eat What You Want Foods - Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops

It’s like eating a piece of cake on a stick. The best part about cake pops is that you can eat as many as you want without looking at a dissected cake to realize how much you’ve already consumed. Go ahead, indulge!

#8: Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Best Eat What You Want Foods - cherry cheesecake bars

These quick and simple cheesecake bars are delicious, easy to take with you for an afternoon snack and also make for a great party dessert to share.

#7: Chocolate Dipped Almond Bon Bons

Best Eat What You Want Foods - Chocolate alomnd bon bons

Because you can’t talk about indulgent foods without mentioning bon bons. While we are able to eat what we want on this day, it is also pretty cool to know that these are actually gluten-free.

#6: Devil’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

Best Eat What You Want Foods - Chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate cake is one of the ultimate indulgent desserts, and this recipe will have you wish every day was Eat What You Want Day.

#5: Black Forest Cherry Pie

Best Eat What You Want Foods - black forrest cherry pie

Yes, we had to add cherry pie to this list, but we wanted to make sure it was a special version of it. This chocolate-cherry concoction is easy to make and will become a fast favorite in your household.

#4: Raspberry Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Best Eat What You Want Foods - raspberry hot chocolate cupcakes

You’re able to enjoy the warmth of hot chocolate without making a hot cup of it. Instead, indulge in these incredibly delicious cupcakes.

#3: Fudgy Brownies

Best Eat What You Want Foods - fudge brownies

Get a tall glass of milk and eat as many of these yummy brownies as you’d like.

#2: Krispy Marshmallow Treats

Best Eat What You Want Foods - krispy marshmallow treats

Probably one of the easiest desserts out there, as well as one of the tastiest. Grab a piece from your tray of krispy marshmallow treats, or eat the whole thing. We won’t tell anyone!

#1: Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Eat What You Want Foods - almond choclate chip cookies

We had to go with the classic for our top favorite. Except this one adds a little Almond Paste for added flavor. There is no better dessert to soothe you after a long day than a chocolate chip cookie. So grab your baking sheets and make some tonight!

We hope you found some new delicious desserts to try, as well as some old favorites to bake up today.