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A Quick & Easy Neapolitan Cookie Recipe!

Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 8:30am

quick and easy neapolitan cookie recipe

If you aren’t from the northeast or come from an Italian family, you may be unfamiliar with the Neapolitan cookie, otherwise known as the “rainbow cookie”, “Italian flag cookie”, “7-layer cookie”, or “Venetian cookie”.

Found in any Italian bakery in the northeast, these cookies have a long history and tradition as an American-Italian delicacy. But no matter what you call it, these sweet cookies are pure heaven. With 7 layers (2 chocolate layers, 2 jam layers and 3 cake layers) this cookie combination makes for an amazing flavor and texture combo.

If you are looking to impress your friends and family, these cookies will be your ticket to looks of amazement as they bite into these mini masterpieces.

Using raspberry cake filling and almond paste, some food coloring and delicious dark chocolate, you’ll have these cookies ready to enjoy in an hour.

Try these cookies for your next big family gathering and turn your dessert table into a colorful work of art!