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Puppies Eating Pie! (and other baked goods to make humans jealous)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 2:15pm

dog eating 2 cupcakes
"So many decisions!" [via]


Let’s face it, everyone loves puppies! Likewise, we all love a good baking recipe! So, what’s better than finding our furry friends chowing down on yummy snacks?

We might not like it too much when our own pets take a nibble off of our plates, or sneak food from the counter, but we all love to see photos on flickr, tumlr, facebook, and twitter of other people’s pets doing just that! While we may not be too keen on letting our own dogs get away with such things, I hope you enjoy the photos I have shared below, and they bring a smile to your day. Maybe it will even get you inspired to make dog friendly treats for “man’s best friend.” There are many web/sites (even Rachel Ray has a recipe page for dogs) that have yummy recipes that are great for dogs so you could take your own furry-photos without having your pup steal your food!

We’ve compiled some adorable photos (and a few hilarious videos) of pooches “having their cake and eating it, too.” Here's the definitive selection of dogs eating cake and other baked goods:

dog eating a cupcake
"Don't worry, I can get it!" [via]
dog eating cake
"Is that for me?!?!" [via]
dog eating bundt cake
"Ohhh Bundt Cake...Just one little taste." [via]
can dogs eat cupcakes
"Sugar, sugar, sugar, SUGAR!!!!" [via]
dog eating cookies
"Hands off, mister." [via]
doggy eating cake
"Whoa! That's as big as I am! But, I think I can take care of it for you." [via]
dog licking a cake
"Don't worry, I'm only eating the frosting." [via]
birthday cake dog
"It's my birthday, and I'll pig out if I want to." [via]
dog eats a cake
"This is the best vacation ever!" [via]
sad dog wants cookies
"If you won't hand me one, I'll just wait until you leave the room!" [via]
puppy eats a cake
"Look ma, no hands!" [via]
dog eats carrot cake
"Yum, Carrot Cake. Quick! The others are coming!" [via]
dog eats a pink cupcake
"It's little! Like me!" [via]
dog eats pie
"Maybe just one slice." [via]
dog baking cupcakes
"But, but, but, I made them for you!" [via]
dog eating cupcake frosting
"Haha, none for you!" [via]
puppy eats a cupcake
"Really? For me?!" [via]
dog eats a pancake
"Where'd you go?! [via]

Videos of Dogs Eating Cake

Want to add your own photo to this list? enter to win our Whoopie Pie photo contest today! Pictures of your family with your dogs are most definitely welcome!