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New Dessert Recipes for February 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 2:45pm

new dessert recipes -- february 2018

Solo Foods is continuously adding brand new recipes centered around our baking products to our website. Here’s a handy monthly blog post series to keep you up to speed on all our newest recipes!

Pressure Cooker Almond Oatmeal

new dessert recipes -- february 2018

Our first pressure cooker recipe, and it definitely won’t be the last. Our Almond Paste makes a wonderful addition to your daily bowl of oatmeal.

Pretzel Thins Cracker S'mores

new dessert recipes -- february 2018

Longing for camping out during the warm days of Summer? Here’s a quick and easy S’mores recipe to help you recapture that Summer feeling. Perfect for lounging around the fireplace or simply making in your kitchen.

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Banana Crepes

new dessert recipes -- february 2018

When it comes to flavors that go perfectly together, it’s hard to do better than these three! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go ahead and drizzle some chocolate across the top of these crepes.

Be sure to check back throughout the month as we add a couple more new and special Valentine’s Day desserts!