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Make These Delicious Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Cookies

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 8:15am

heart-shaped valentines day cookies

As you know, cookies are always a sweet treat that make others happy. Instead of the typical chocolate chip recipe this year, try a new variety of yummy recipes from Solo® Foods!

Two of our unique favorites are Kolacky cookies and traditional Hamantaschen cookies.

Valentine’s Day Hamantaschen

heart-shaped valentines day Hamantaschen cookies

Hamantaschen is traditionally made with poppy seed filling, and we decided to stick with this delightful taste. You can use a different flavor if you prefer, especially something red to go with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Once you’ve created the dough for this recipe, you will want to let it refrigerate for several hours, preferably overnight.

The biggest difference when creating this variety of Hamantaschen is the shape. Instead of a triangle, you will be forming a heart shape. Find out how create this unique dessert with our Heart-Shaped Hamantaschen Cookie recipe.

Valentine’s Day Kolacky

heart-shaped valentines day kolacky cookies

Another fun Valentine’s Day cookie to bake is this Heart-Shaped Kolacky Cookie. These flaky and delicious pastry cookies are fun to shape with the cookie cutter of your choice. Tip: A large heart-shaped cutter was used for this recipe, and the cookies turned out great!

This is another cookie recipe that will benefit from the dough being cooled overnight. You’ll smell the cream cheese when you roll out the dough, so try not to eat it despite the great aroma!

When decorating your Kolacky cookies, feel free to get creative. Use the filling of your choice, (we used the raspberry cake and pastry filling) sprinkle confectioner’s sugar, add sprinkles or drizzle chocolate over these when cooled.

You’ll fall in love with these cookie recipes this Valentine’s Day!