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How to Crack an Egg

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 2:45pm

Cracking an egg is something that every cook should know how to do! Since eggs are used in cakes, cookies, breads, and simply eaten plain you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation if you can’t crack an egg. No one likes shell in their egg, so this method will help eliminate that, and leave you with perfect baked goods!

Step One: Grab egg firmly in hand. Your thumb, index, and middle finger should cradle the egg.

how to crack an egg

Step Two: Firmly and swiftly, land the middle of the egg on a flat surface. A table or counter top is perfect. Traditionally, people break eggs on a skillet edge, but this directs small broken pieces of the shell into the egg, so a flat surface is best.

Step Three: Now that your egg is cracked, take your other hand and simply pull apart the two pieces of shell. If the egg hasn’t cracked quite enough, you can insert your thumbs into the crack and pull it apart that way. Be sure to spoon out any pieces of shell that may have landed in the bowl!

how to break an egg

Step Four: You’re done! Dispose of your egg, and always wash your hands afterwards.

Here's an excellent video by Howcast showing you how to crack an egg:

Be sure to stop by later this week as we share a more advanced technique: how to crack an egg with one hand!