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How to Make Dashboard Cookies

Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 2:15pm

how to make car dashboard cookies

Calling all bakers!

In the heat of the summer, sometimes it feels impossible to avoid the unbearable temperatures. But we say, when life hands you a hot day…bake dashboard cookies! You may be surprised to hear that a scorching hot car dashboard just might be the ticket to amazing, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Baking time may take longer than an oven, but making dashboard cookies is a fun summer activity to test how hot your car dashboard really gets. Follow these instructions to create our oven-less cookies using only the summer heat!

Dashboard Cookies Step 1: Pick a HOT Day

Temperatures need to be sweltering, with a high 95 degrees or more. The sun needs to be shining with little cloud coverage. With the right temperatures, the inside of your car’s dashboard can reach over 150 degrees!

Dashboard Cookies Step 2: Car Positioning

The cookies need to bake under direct sunlight with no shade or coverage. It’s better to use a car that has a black or dark-colored dashboard which absorbs the heat of the summer day.

Dashboard Cookies Step 3: Gather Dashboard Cookie Materials

how to make car dashboard cookies

  • Dark, nonstick pan to attract heat – creates an easy environment for the cookies to bake
  • Cookie dough (we chose chocolate chip, but pick your favorite!) - Safety Tip: Use pre-made cookie dough that does not contain raw egg
  • Aluminum foil (for easy cleanup)
  • Optional: Thermometer (to check the internal temperature of your dashboard)

how to make car dashboard cookies

Dashboard Cookies Step 4: Timing

The hottest time of the day falls between 3 and 4 o’clock, so we suggest starting the baking process around noon, giving you optimal heat and sun to bake your dashboard cookies to perfection. Checking the temperature of your car’s dashboard every few hours helps make sure you have the best sun positioning and your dashboard cookies are continuing to bake. 

In our case, the temperature outside at noon was at 91 degrees and getting hotter by the minute! The dashboard cookies were hardening around the out edge by around 2 o’clock. A couple more hours passed and the cookies were ready!

how to make car dashboard cookies

how to make car dashboard cookies

Dashboard Cookies Step 5: Enjoy!

By following these steps, we hope that you have been able to successfully bake the most delicious, dashboard cookies with only the heat of the sun. Enjoy the scrumptious treat, and the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies in your car!

how to make car dashboard cookies

how to make car dashboard cookies

Be sure to get one while they are hot!

You can make these cookies even more delicious by adding our cake and pastry fillings inside the dough, or making a sandwich with our marshmallow creme in between the cookies!