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Happy National Pie Day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 2:30pm

national pie dayAs you know, around here we love pie! Whether it be blueberry or cherry pie, pecan or peanut butter pie; we love them all! Here are our top 10 reasons we love pie:

1. Butter. We love butter. Who doesn’t? Any recipe calling for a heaping amount of butter will automatically turn out delicious.

2. Pie crust decorations. Yes, you can decorate cakes and cupcakes too, but pie crust decorations have that rustic, imperfect feel that brings us nostalgia.

3. It is good cold or hot. Warm pie is just as good as cold pie, and not many desserts can boast that factor. Warm ice cream? Melted. Warm cake? Melted frosting. On the flip side, cold brownies aren’t nearly as good as warm ones.

4. Variety. There are so many different varieties of flavors including cherry pie, apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate pie, blueberry pie, key lime pie- just to name a few!

5. A la Mode. In the summertime, matching warm pie with sweet ice cream is the perfect combination. Sir Charles Watson Townsend, we thank you.

6. Flaky crust. This goes hand in hand with the butter, but who can resist the flaky crust of a perfectly baked pie?

7. Heritage. The first pie was made hundreds of years ago, and it still represents family, home, and heritage. “As American as apple pie” rings true.

8. Whipped Cream. Let’s face it; the best past of pumpkin pie is the large amount of whipped cream you plop on top.

9. Pie pops. Yes, cake pops came first, but looks at these pie pops. They’re so cute!

10. Iconic. There have been movies, songs, and artists named after pie. Apple pie is an American icon that we can bake all and enjoy frequently!

Also check out local events on National Pie Day. If you’re lucky enough to live close by to one of these cities, go celebrate! And if you’re not nearby, try baking one yourself. It is truly the perfect time of the year to spread joy around the home, and there’s no better way than with a pie. Happy National Pie Day!