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Foods from Around the Globe

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 3:30pm

Whenever the Olympics occur, we all are suddenly more aware of our cultural similarities and differences - even in foods and baking! Sometime we run out of ideas because we’re stuck in American-style baking system consisting of cookies, cake, and ice cream. Now, don’t get me wrong these American sweets are to die for! But why not try some new, fun desserts from abroad for your next get-together?

desserts from around the world - brigadeiro recipe

South America cuisine is one most of us are not familiar with, but they have some great dishes! For a quick and sweet treat try these Brazilian Brigadeiro. They are similar to truffles, and with three ingredients they are a breeze to whip up in the kitchen!

desserts from around the world - mochi ice cream recipe

Most people think of Asian foods as spicy and savory, not sweet, but the Japanese have been making Mochi Ice Cream for quite a while. This is similar to American ice cream, but with an added layer on the outside to make it especially unique! You can buy these your oriental market, or make them yourself!

desserts from around the world - koeksisters recipe

When most people think of worldly cuisine, they don’t often think of Africa, but koeksisters are a sweet braided donut-like pastry that everyone needs to try asap! This dish became popular in South Africa, and continues to be a favorite throughout the rest of the continent.

desserts from around the world - rugelach recipe

Almost every European country offers their own types of desserts so it’s hard to feature just one! We chose eastern European Rugelach, an old time classic that never gets old.

desserts from around the world - chocolate chip cookies recipe

This is the country where we are most familiar with. There’s not much more American than chocolate chip cookies, but this recipe puts a bit of a new spin on cookies. Try these today and celebrate American desserts!

desserts from around the world -

Australia seems like it would offer a combination of European and North America desserts, and although they do offer a lot of these, they also have Pavlova- their countries’ signature dessert. This light, fruity cake is great for all occasions.