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Five of Our Favorite Baking Bloggers - Easter Edition

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 8:00am

As many of you know Solo Foods tries to continually introduce you to great baking recipes. One of the ways we like to do this is by introducing our favorite food/baking bloggers so that you can find great, fun ideas to include in your repertoire! This week, we want to highlight five of our favorite baking blogs about Easter. These bloggers have adorable and delicious ideas to implement in your Easter Egg Hunts and family get-togethers this spring.

Bakerella - @bakerella

our favorite baking bloggers - bakerellaThis is a cute and fun blog that will keep you coming back for more. The focus of the blogger is to supply easy recipes that turn out so cute, you'll cry! Something you absolutely cannot miss out on is the Almost Easter post. Of all the cute things we've seen on baking blogs, this may be one of the cutest! The easy to follow instructions show you how to make and decorate cake pops to look just like little bunny rabbits. Seriously a-dor-a-ble! These are prefect treats for kids, teachers, neighbors, ANYONE!

What Megan's Making - @whatmegansmakng

our favorite baking bloggers - whats megan bakingWhat's better than a husband and wife team? Megan's blog is all about her passion for cooking and baking and her husband's passion for eating. She started her blog as a way to log her family's recipes and it blew up from there. Be sure to try her spring-time Easter recipes. Her Layered Brownies include three things that should always be combined--- brownies, cream cheese, and... wait for it... chocolate glaze. Next, who can turn down Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs? This recipe is easy to make and taste way dreamier than the store bought eggs! Also, don't miss out on White Chocolate Lemon Truffles! Kids will love these, but you may want to save these delectable treats for a sophisticated event.

Cooking with Libby - on Facebook!

our favorite baking bloggers - cooking with libbyLibby is a busy mom and military wife. She cooks with love and with her family in mind.
Many of her recipes are inspired by the South. This Easter, try her Grandma Murrell's Cherry Bread! The sweet cherries in this recipe perfectly flavor and color the bread. Top it with a little cream cheese in the morning and you have a sweet breakfast that everyone will love. Also, try her Strawberry Jello Cake! You cannot beat this recipe in easiness. Just three ingredients are needed to make this treat. You may need to hide this cake or it will be gone before you get any!

Brown Eyed Baker - @browneyedbaker

our favorite baking bloggers - brown eyed bakerThere is no way that you won't find something you like in this blog! For Easter alone there are more than 85 recipes! On this post you can find recipes for breakfast, cakes, cookies, snacks, appetizers, desserts, and drinks that are perfect for any spring or Easter celebration. We know that you can't try all of these, but be sure to pick a few favorites and try them out. You won't be sorry! Among your picks, be sure to try Brown Eyed Baker's Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Hidden Berry Cream Cheese Torte, and Easter Egg Sugar Cookies. Whether you are staying home or heading off to an egg hunt, these recipes will leave you begging for more!

The Frugal Girls - @frugalgirls

our favorite baking bloggers - frugal girlsThis blog is all about saving money! Here, you can find just about anything. Heidi has included various ways to save money and enjoy life - DIY crafts, party planning, coupons, and (our favorite tab) RECIPES! For Easter, try the Easy-Peasy Peeps Sunflower Cake. This cake is so cute! Start with your favorite cake (try Solo's Devil's Chocolate Fudge Cake), top with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips, then frame the whole cake with yellow chick Peeps! This cake is so adorable your family and friends won't want to cut into it, but that's OK--- more for you!

We hope that your spring holiday festivities are full of sweet treats and even sweeter memories. Be sure to check back here for more baking and cooking ideas, and more of our favorite bloggers!!