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A Fast, Fun, and Kid-Friendly Easter Cereal Treat!

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 9:45am

While your family and friends enjoy the more sophisticated desserts you’ve created this Easter, don’t forget about the kids! After they’ve rummaged through their Easter baskets and candy from plastic eggs, let them play in the kitchen to create a fun and easy dessert.

This Marshmallow Creme Jelly Bean Puffed Rice Cereal Treat is simple and fast to make. The puffed rice cereal base is probably the most fun for the kids to make, since they can get their hands covered in sticky marshmallow creme.

Once you’ve created your base, it’s time to add some white chocolate topping to mold the treats together.

Your topping can consist of any jelly beans the kids would like to add. Create designs, use only one flavor or scatter multiple flavors on top for a colorful Easter dessert.

Kids will love this sugary treat this Easter, and you’ll love the minimal cleanup involved. Well, other than washing their hands. Enjoy!