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Easy Mother's Day Breakfast Casserole!

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 5:00pm

easy mothers day breakfast casserole recipe

Whether you’re creating a surprise for mom, helping the kids to bring her breakfast in bed or needing a dish to bring over to mom’s house, this recipe has you covered. Celebrate Mother’s Day with this easy-to-prep Slow Cooker Almond French Toast Casserole.

This is a breakfast that is easy to make ahead. Plus, the kids will enjoy breaking off pieces of bread to throw into a mixing bowl. If you want to neatly cut the bread into cubes you can, but it’s not as much fun.

After you’ve added your wet ingredients and allowed the covered bread to chill overnight (or just a few hours), you can put it all in your slow cooker.

putting breakfast casserole into the slow cooker

Once everything is evenly spread in the slow cooker, it’s time to add your Solo Almond Cake and Pastry Filling to the casserole. You’ll want to make sure you spread an even amount on the top of the casserole, but you don’t have to use the entire can. Although, using the entire can makes for a sweeter casserole!

spreading almond filling over french toast breakfast casserole

cooking almond filling breakfast casserole

After cooking for 2-4 hours in the slow cooker, your casserole will be ready to serve up. Since it is Mother’s Day, decorate the plate with some flowers, fruit or even some bacon for added deliciousness.

mothers day breakfast casserole recipe

Lastly, make sure to tell the mom or special woman in your life how much she is appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!