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Creative Valentine’s Day Raspberry Chocolate Cake Pops

Friday, February 10, 2017 - 2:30pm

valentines day cereal pops

If it’s the year to really impress your sweetheart with some homemade desserts, try out this fun Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops recipe.

To begin, you’ll bake a chocolate cake. Any type of chocolate cake will do. Don’t worry about making this pretty because you will just be crumbling the whole thing up anyway.

valentines day cereal pops

With your crumbled cake, you will then add in the raspberry filling and frosting. This can be fun if you want to mash this all up with your hands, too.

Then you get to start rolling the cake balls and dipping the cake pop sticks in white chocolate. Once you have the cake pop sticks inserted, cooling can begin.

valentines day cereal pops

valentines day cereal pops

Now it will be time for decorating. Dipping your cake pops in either white chocolate or melted candy morsels, and then putting sprinkles or other decorative baking items on top can be a fun and creative process.

valentines day cereal pops

When all is said and done (and cooled), you can create a cake pop bouquet, wrap them in decorative plastic wrap or lay them out in any pattern you choose. Then it’s time to share with your sweetheart, or just keep them all to yourself.