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Big Game Party Treats: Football-shaped Rice Krispy Treats

Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 1:00pm

football rice krispy treats

Maybe you’re having your annual Big Game shindig, attending someone else’s football party or just looking for a fun night in with the kids to watch great football and funny commercials. Whatever your reason, you’re looking for an easy and unique dessert to provide – one that also fits the football theme.

Well, your search ends here! We’ve come up with quick and simple crisped cereal marshmallow desserts that are also pretty fun to make. Gear up for the big game in no time with these football and football field-shaped treats!

You can use our magical Marshmallow Treat Magic product to instantly make your snacks or make your treats the old fashioned way. Grab a container of our marshmallow creme and melt it in some butter. You’ll then add the necessary food dye or chocolate for your dessert.

football rice krispy marshmallow creme treats

Then comes the mushy-gushy crisped rice cereal part where you get to mix the sticky ingredients in and mold your dessert.

football rice krispy

football rice krispies

After cooling, the icing part is where your personality can shine. Get creative with your football field by adding team names in the end zones, or personalize the mini footballs with your kids’ names for added fun.

No matter what happens as a result of the game, you’ll be satisfied with either (or both) of these delicious desserts.

football rice krispies treats