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The Best Easter Baking Recipes

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 11:00am

Well, it’s spring time again! There is nothing better than being able to come out of hibernation and spend some time with our family and friends. This time of year is great for get-togethers and for catching-up after a long winter. Don’t forget to bring the goodies to your picnics and other festivities! With Easter coming up fast, be sure to try some of our spring-time recipes! Easter egg hunts are exciting, but they are even better when you make them into something special with yummy treats (other than the candy from the eggs)! 

easter baking recipes

These recipes are great for any occasion, but they almost scream “springtime” because of the fresh flavor combinations! Try these and more baking recipes this Easter to bring smiles to all the little bunny-rabbits (and people) nibbling on them!

carrot cakeNo bunny should ever have to go without Carrot Cake -- especially at this time of the year when the sun is shining and everyone wants to be outside! The combination of carrot, cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, and Prune Butter flavors will knock you right on your tail! This cake would be great topped with a cream cheese frosting and served at a picnic. This carrot cake is a sure way to win over a crowd!

poppy seed carrot cakeAnother carrot-inspired dish you don’t want to miss out on is our Poppy Seed Carrot Cake! This cake is full of flavor, as well, and highlights our Poppy Seed Filling. The raisins and dates in this recipe add a little extra flavor! After just an hour and twenty minutes you will have a great cake that you could even eat for breakfast! Don’t tell the kids, though, they will want to eat it every morning!

almond bundt cake recipeOne of our most popular recipes for this time of year is Almond Bundt Cake! For this recipe, you bake our Almond Cake and Pastry Filling right into the cake! Then, after your cake is done baking, top it with almond glaze, chocolate glaze, or fruit! This cake can really be decorated anyway you want! Try festive Easter colors and sprinkles if you feel like it!

almond crescents recipeAlmond Crescents are another spring-time favorite! These little guys are easy to make and perfectly pop-able! These bite sized treats are great for snacks and just one batch makes 48 servings! With just 6 ingredients and a 15 minute prep time, you can’t beat the simplicity.

Teatime Treats are an adorable way to add color and flavor to your table during the spring! Start off with a cream cheese based cookie and mold it teatime treats recipeinto a cup shape in a mini muffin pan. Fill your “cups” with one of our delicious pastry fillings! The recipe recommends apricot filling, but you can do a variety of flavors to add more colors and flavors! After you bake, top with nuts or other toppings, and serve!

Try these recipes this spring and be sure to come back for more great holiday and everyday ideas! Oh, and don’t let the little bunnies hop away with all the goodies!