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Bake a Flavorful St. Patrick's Day Soda Bread -- A Modern Twist on an Irish Classic

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 12:15pm

easy irish cherry almond soda bread recipe

If you are hoping to find a unique recipe for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. This delicious Cherry Almond Irish Soda Bread recipe is fun and simple to create, and it’s great for a breakfast treat or side item for any meal.

To get started, gather the ingredients and begin combining the wet mixture in a bowl.

easy cherry almond irish soda bread recipe

Once the dry mixture is combined with the wet, the dough process can begin. While kneading isn’t always an easy process, at least it can be fun to get your hands a little dirty.

easy irish soda bread

cherry soda bread recipe

Baking this bread takes less than an hour, but you’ll be able to smell the aroma of Irish soda bread in no time. Once your bread is baked, you’ll want to let it cool for a bit before serving it up to your St. Patrick’s Day party guests.

easy st patricks day cherry bread recipe

easy st patricks day irish soda bread recipe

irish cherry soda breads

After this fun, Irish celebration holiday is over, you can still make a point to bake this bread throughout the year. To take a sweeter approach, serve fresh from the oven with vanilla ice cream and enjoy!