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7 DIY Kitchen Organization Tips

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 11:00am

DIY Kitchen Organization Tips and Hacks

As part of our continuing series on how to make your baking process go more smoothly, we have collected some of the best DIY kitchen organization ideas for you to try.

DIY Kitchen Organization Tips and Hacks

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #1: Mason Jars

These handy jars have made a huge comeback in recent years. Not only are they stylish, they can serve a purpose in your kitchen organization. Store your cooking utensils or smaller baking ingredients in them for extra storage.

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #2: Baskets

Baskets are also a kitchen storage item that can be practical and stylish. The type of baskets you use will depend on the style you prefer in your kitchen, but the sizes can vary. Use a larger basket for some of your baking pans and dishes, and then save the smaller baskets for your cake decorating tools.

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #3: Shoe Racks

You’ve seen the inexpensive closet organizers for college dorms and smaller apartments. Use these to your kitchen’s advantage! Store utensils or baking spices inside of the small sections of these organizers for easy access.

DIY Kitchen Organization Tips and Hacks

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #4: Hanging Measuring Cups

Those measuring cups and spoons can take up so much room in your kitchen drawers. Using a small nail or easily detachable hook, you can start hanging these items on the inside of kitchen cabinets or a pantry.

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #5: Containers

Clear, plastic containers can be a great addition to any kitchen. Store any of the miscellaneous kitchen items in these so that you can see clearly where you have stored them. These are great for cookie cutters, too!

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #6: Sink Shelf

This may seem like a relatively boring solution, but adding a small shelf above your sink can allow you to put larger pots and pans under the faucet without knocking over soap dispensers or sponges.

DIY Kitchen Organization Tip #7: Hanging Pot Rack

Creating your own hanging pot rack can give your kitchen some more cabinet space. Instead of the traditional pots and pans, store some of the miscellaneous baking items like rolling pins, colanders, etc. If the idea of a hanging rack in the main area of your kitchen makes you cringe, create one in a pantry for easy access without changing the design of your kitchen.

We hope that you enjoy these tips to make your kitchen just a little more organized!