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25 Amazing & Weird Thanksgiving-themed World Records

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 8:00am

thanksgiving turkey world records

Feeling ambitious this Thanksgiving? See if your family can beat any of these amazing (and sometimes weird) world records revolving around Thanksgiving traditions!

Turkey World Records

The cornerstone of the traditional Thanksgiving feast has been the focus of a number of surprising world records!

  • The fastest it’s ever taken to pluck three turkeys is 11 minutes & 30.16 seconds, and was achieved by a man in the UK who narrowly beat out famous chef Gordon Ramsay by about a second!
  • The largest gathering of people dressed up as turkeys happened in 2011 in Dallas, TX. 661 people showed up!
  • The world’s largest turkey farm is surprisingly not in the USA, but is in England, where a single farm produces more than a million turkeys per year.
  • The world record for fastest time carving a turkey was achieved in the UK in 2009 and came in at 3 minutes & 19.47 seconds. The same man who holds the plucking record holds this record!
  • The world’s strongest bird gizzard (the part of a bird stomach that grinds down food) belongs to that of the North American Wild Turkey. It can crush 24 shelled-walnuts in 4 hours, and can grind surgical lancet blades into grit in 16 hours.

Potato World Records

It might be impossible to have a Thanksgiving turkey feast without potatoes, whether they are of the sweet variety or covered in gravy!

  • The world’s heaviest sweet potato weighed in at 37 kg (81 lbs, 9 oz) from Spain in 2004.
  • The world’s heaviest potato (non-sweet) was grown in the UK in 2011. It weighed 4.98 kg (10 lbs, 14 oz).
  • The most mashed potatoes eaten in a 30 second span weighed in at 348 g (12.28 oz) during a competition in Germany in 2014. Don’t worry they deducted all the weight from the potatoes on his face.
  • The largest serving of baked potatoes occurred in Peru in 2012. The potatoes weighed in at 1,716.6 kg (3,784 lbs, 7.28 oz).
  • The world’s largest potato gratin weighed in at 3,800 kg (8377.56 lbs), and was prepared in the Netherlands in 2010. It took 25 people to make!
  • The highest voltage from a potato battery is 1,224 volts, and was achieved in Germany in 2012.
  • The most potatoes launched in a three-minute span by a single launcher occurred at a high school in Arizona in 2014. The students were able to launch 18 whole potatoes.
  • The fastest time it’s ever taken to assemble a Mr. Potato Head is 6.62 seconds by a man from Turkey in 2010.
  • The largest potato salad ever made was cooked up in a university in Latvia in 2002 and weighed more than 7224 pounds.
  • The largest potato pie ever made was cooked during a soccer tournament in Peru in 2004. The pie weighed 11,858 pounds.

More Thanksgiving Food World Records

There’s more to a Thanksgiving meal than turkey and potatoes. Check out some of the other Thanksgiving foods that are the focus of world records!

  • The world’s heaviest onion weighed 8.5 kg (18 lbs, 11.84 oz) and came from the UK in 2014.
  • The heaviest squash ever grown came from Canada and weighed in at 674.31 kg (1,486.6 lbs).
  • The world’s largest pumpkin pie was made in Ohio in 2010. The pie weighed a stunning 1,678 kg (3,699 lbs).
  • The largest bottle of win ever made came from Switzerland in 2014. The wine bottle was 13 ft & 8.17 in tall, with a diameter of 3 ft & 11.63 in, and was filled with 817.34 gallons of delicious wine!
  • The most people simultaneously uncorking bottles of wine occurred in Switzerland in 2015. 1,054 people joined in on the fun to help raise money for schools in Kenya.
  • The most corncobs on a single plant happened in Iowa during the fall of 2009. A single plant yielded 16 cobs!
  • The most people husking corn in one place occurred in 2012 at the University of IL. 3,463 people joined in on the fun!

Family & Football World Records

After the table has been cleared, what better way to spend Thanksgiving than with family watching some Football?

  • The most family members to complete a single marathon is 30 by the Hughes family at the 2014 Dublin Marathon. Talk about togetherness!
  • The hair insured for the highest value is by former NFL player Troy Polamalu, who took out a $1,000,000 policy on his luxurious locks.
  • Another Thanksgiving tradition? Winding down with some video games after all of the family heads back home. The longest running sports video game series is Madden NFL, with 32 games over 28 years.

Want to learn about more food World Records? Check out our previous posts about Halloween World Records & Baking/Dessert World Records, or go to Guinness to check out ALL of their world records!