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15 Beautiful and Delicious Flower Cupcake Recipes for Spring

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 7:45am

Ah, cupcakes. The little hand held desserts of perfection. There isn’t much better in life than a cupcake and a glass of milk sitting in front of you, ready to be eaten in just a few short moments.

And since it’s spring and there are flowers in bloom everywhere you turn, we couldn’t help be inspired by the nature around us and bring it into the kitchen for some amazing dessert designs.

So in honor of our "Month of Spring", we found some sweet recipes on the web that show us some beautifully creative ways to turn an ordinary cupcake into a work of “flour” art. Basically, we make this face when we see them…

Flower Cupcake #1 - 3 Peppers Recipes shows us how to make a cupcake bouquet. We’d definitely rather get that than real flowers…just saying! 

perfect cupcake recipes for spring

Flower Cupcake #2 - Hoosier Homemade shows us that using candy is a great way to incorporate your kids in the cupcake decoration!

Flower Cupcake #3 - Check out these beautiful and vibrant yellow sunflowers toppings - a pretty way to top your favorite cupcake.

Flower Cupcake #4 - These Sparkle Berry Cupcakes with Flowers that A Farm Girl Dabbles created are deliciously berry-tastic with the cutest flower accoutrement.

perfect flower cupcake recipe for spring

Flower Cupcake #5 - Bees and daises remind us of spring in the prettiest way. Thanks to Sweet Treats Cakery, we now know how to make this decoration reality! 

Flower Cupcake #6 - These easy-to-make ruffle flowers are a wonderful cupcake topper for any shower or birthday.

Flower Cupcake #7 - Delicate flavors like almond and rose water tie in perfectly with the delicate floral design on top of this Cake Central recipe.

Flower Cupcake #8 - Hummingbird cupcakes made with dried pineapple make for a beautiful centerpiece for your next baby shower. Seeded at the Table shows us how!

flower cupcake recipes for spring

Flower Cupcake #9 - Looking to make something jaw-dropping for your next garden party? Try this pretty tulip design created by Cat Cakes.

Flower Cupcake #10 - Poppies look beautiful in nature, but you can easily recreate them and put them on top of any of your favorite cupcake recipes!

Flower Cupcake #11 - This rich and decadent cupcake recipe by Love and Olive Oil fits perfectly with its equally decadent flower-topped design.

flower cupcakes

Flower Cupcake #12 - Soda Pop Ave uses marshmallows to decorate ordinary store bought mix cupcakes into a new and fun masterpiece!

Flower Cupcake #13 - I Am Baker creates a delicate flower topping for a scrumptious cupcake recipe. So pretty and so festive!

Flower Cupcake #14 - Use Oreo cookies to create a sweet sunflower on top your next cupcake recipe.

Flower Cupcake #15 - Want to learn how to pipe icing rosesZoe Bakes shows us how!

Use these creative and beautiful ideas to top your cupcakes with the most beautiful thing about spring, flowers! Happy spring from Solo!

Read more from our blog series about desserts inspired by the old saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers.”

*Many thanks to all the bakers that gave us permission to use their images. Be sure to go check out all their amazing recipes!