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10 Strange, but Delicious, Ice Cream Flavors that Actually Exist

Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 11:30am

We’re celebrating National Ice Cream Day (July 19th) with a week filled with amazing ice cream!

strange ice cream flavors
Photo by Joy

Ice cream can be a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day...and let’s be honest, we all have our favorite flavors. Some of us are into the plain vanilla while others enjoy a burst of bubblegum or a sweet mint chip. Some of us are chocolate lovers and some of us, well, like a something a bit different.

For those of you who are into trying the new and interesting, here’s a list of some of the strangest flavored ice cream you can find in your grocery store!

Fried Ice Cream - Turkey Hill

You said fried what!? Ok, we just have to try this twist on a Mexican!

Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream - Ben and Jerry’s

Breakfast in dessert form. We seriously can't complain.

Applewood Smoked Caramel Almond - Haagen Daz

Applewood smoked bacon we've heard of, but applewood smoked almond? This should be interesting...and irresistibly tasty.

Coconut Cream Pie - Turkey Hill

We know our pies, and coconut cream is a classic...but in ice cream? We really don't know how that could go wrong.

Hot Chocolate con Churros - Blue Bunny

An American and Mexican classic mixed? This calls for celebration, and an ice cream scoop!

Flan - Blue Bunny

If you don't like flan for its texture, but love the taste, this is your answer.

Vanilla with Grape Nuts - Hershey's

So grape nuts are considered healthy, right? So putting them in ice cream makes it healthy? Righttt...

Teaberry - Hershey’s

We're not sure what kind of berry this is. But we don't care, it's delicious.

Eggnog Flavored Custard - Mayfield

A Christmas favorite wrapped up in a carton of sweet, creamy cold goodness. Nothing could be better.

Carrot Cake - Perry’s Ice Cream

Already a strange combo, but making carrot cake ice cream is just genius.

Fireball - Perry’s Ice Cream

The spicy, cinnamon flavor in ice cream form is simply divine.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - Talenti Gelato

Cookie dough just got some competition...just saying.

We hope you find and try some of these different and delicious flavors this summer just in time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! For more ice cream ideas, check out our Pinterest page!