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10 Desserts to Savor During National Wine Day

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 10:15am

national wine day dessert recipes

Happy National Wine Day! The obvious celebration this evening would be to raise your glass of red or white and toast to a great night, but for those of you who would prefer something a little more unique, check out our delicious collection of desserts that use wine!

This Dark Chocolate Cake with Red Wine Glaze (via Epicurious) is the perfect option for combining your love of wine and chocolate.

Go ahead and have some wine and fruit in your dessert tonight. These Roasted Peaches with Mascarpone Ice Cream (via Food & Wine) will serve as a light and delicious treat.

Wine and Candy? Yes, please! These Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles (via Well Plated by Erin) are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and your love of wine.

Bust out the Sauvignon Blanc for this incredible Green Apple Sorbet (via Sunset). Simple and delicious, you’ll want to keep this recipe to use throughout the year.

Use this Merlot Hot Fudge Sauce (via Eat, Live, Run) as a dip for fruit, or as a topping on something sweeter. Turn up the sweetness on our Spicy Buttermilk Prune Cake by drizzling it with this topping instead of the original glaze.

Go the romantic route with some strawberries and champagne. Skip the actual bubbly and try these Strawberries and Champagne Cake Balls (via Sugar and Soul) instead. Or in addition to… we won’t tell.

Another white wine option is this yummy recipe for Butterscotch Blondies with Chardonnay (via Turnip the Oven).

Time to mix cupcakes and wine into one delicious concoction. Thanks to these Sangria Cupcakes (via The First Year), you can have your cupcake (and wine) - and eat it, too!

Another dessert featuring a wine glaze is this Lemon and Blackberry Ricotta Pound Cake with Chardonnay Glaze (via Kitchen Tested).

Choose red or white wine for these Italian Wine Cookies (via Vine Pair). Or, make it even more fun by baking one batch with each type of wine.

We hope you enjoy these sweet treats tonight.