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The 10 Best Ice Cream Float Recipes

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 1:00pm

We’re celebrating National Ice Cream Day (July 19th) with a week filled with amazing ice cream recipes!

best ice cream float recipes
Image by Takeshi Kuboki

Summer making you want to beat the heat? We don’t blame you! What better way to cool off than with a cool ice cream treat! But instead of hauling the fam all the way to the nearest ice cream hot spot, try creating your own delicious treat at home.

One classic way to enjoy ice cream during the summer is in the form of a float. Not familiar? A float is some sort of frozen dessert like ice cream or sorbet scooped on top of a glass of a fizzy (or still) drink.

Although a root beer float (vanilla ice cream and root beer) is the most classic version, there are hundreds of ways you could change up this combo to create a delicious dessert treat. We've come up with our top 10 float recipes that we just know you will love this summer. Some are a little more conservative while others will knock you right out of your seat!

We hope you enjoy this delicious ice cream float recipes, especially on National Ice Cream Day! Need a little more inspiration when it comes to ice cream? Check out our awesome Pinterest board for everything ice cream!