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Almond Macaroons-Old vs New recipe

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 1:04pm -- Feryall

Back in 2000, i had first come across the recipe for Almond Macaroons on the back of the label of a can of Solo Almond Paste. I had been making these macaroons and sharing the recipe ever since. Recently looking up the recipe on the website, i noticed that there have been some revisions to the recipe.

The revised recipe now calls for less sugar - 1/2 C as compared to 1 1/4 C in the old one - which was necessary, as the paste is already sweet. The revised recipe also calls for 1 extra large egg white instead of 2 large egg whites, and therein may be a problem. The difference in amount of egg whites may not be that great, but it does make a difference in the density of the mixture when it comes to piping it out from a piping bag. The old recipe made it just a little softer, and therefore easier, to pipe out or drop by the spoonful. I almost burst my piping bag trying to squeeze out the mixture per the new recipe!

The range in baking time has also been increased from the previous 16-20 minutes or until light golden brown, to the current 20 minutes, with additional baking time for more color. In my opinion, this takes away from the delicate, almost meringue-like appearance the macaroons used to get with the previous baking times.

The addition of the half maraschino cherries is optional and to personal preference. It provides for color, although the cherry's flavor - again a personal opinion - interferes with the heavenly, close-your-eyes and indulge in the pure almondness of the macaroon experience!

This recipe has been my go-to for years, with its simplicity of ingredients and method, and its outstanding results! Solo's Almond Paste makes it possible!