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The Best Seasonal Pies - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Pies

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 9:45am

Each season brings with it a set of delicious meals, desserts, and drinks. In the summer we tend to like lighter, fruity desserts while in the winter we want something rich and decadent. We know that we crave these types of food, but what about seasonal pies? What are the best fall pies? What about summer pies? Well, we have put together an infographic that showcases seasonal pie options so next time you’re craving a seasonal pie just take a look!

seasonal pie filling and pie recipes

Seasonal Pies Infographic Embed Code:

Fall Pies

We chose to showcase pumpkin pie and apple pie for our fall pies. These both are comforting and great to share with your family around the holidays! As it gets cold grab some apple cider, homemade soup and apple pie! Even try decorating your fall pie with autumn leaves!

Winter Pies

Winter pies also traditionally go with family holidays and activities. Pecan pie is a Christmas favorite for many families so pick one up this season, and don’t forget the eggnog! Our strawberry pie comes around right when you’re getting sick of the cold! February brings love and longing for warm weather- why not bake or buy a strawberry pie and fast-forward a few months? It also makes a great Valentine’s Day treat!

Spring Pies

Now that we’ve made it to spring, we want fruity, spring pies! Both key lime and lemon pies bring that sweet, tart taste that is irresistible to us. Spring pies pair great with pretty much everything so don’t hesitate to bake one for your Memorial Day party!

Summer Pies

These two classic summer pies scream summer time! Pair cherry pie and blueberry pie with baseball, popsicles, fireworks and pool time and you’ve got yourself a winner. Try our summer pie a la mode ideas with a tall glass of lemonade.

Each of these seasons have delicious seasonal pies so whether you’re in fall, winter, spring, or summer you can enjoy a delicious pie year round! Have a great fall pie recipe? Submit to our Facebook and we may include your recipe on our website!