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Top 10 Tips for Making Pies

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 3:15pm

Thankfully, it’s pie season! And my, are we excited to start making up any concoction of pie imaginable. Fruit pies, chocolate pies, creamy pies, and nut pies are on our baking list this summer. So what a better way to kick off the pie season with some awesome tips to help make your pie stand out from the rest? You may have your own tips for making the best pies, but take a look at these smart tips to make sure you have all of the right information to make the best pie imaginable for your family and friends this summer.

Pie Making Tip #1 Use a glass pan to bake your pie

Why glass? It heats evenly and slowly for the perfect pie every time!

Pie Making Tip #2 Cover your crust edges with foil

After the first 15 minutes of baking, cover the edges of your crust with aluminum foil to keep baked edges from getting too brown.

Pie Making Tip #3 Use the lower oven rack

Prevent a soggy crust by placing the pan on the lower oven rack and on top of a preheated baking sheet or pizza stone.

Pie Making Tip #4 Use a hot oven temperature

Soggy crusts can be avoided by increasing the oven temperature in the first 15 minutes of baking your pie.

Pie Making Tip #5 Make your pies quickly

If you want to use a pre-made filling, you won't have to bake your pie as long in the oven. Instead, you’ll just need time to bake the crust and heat the filling all the way through!

Pie Making Tip #6 Minimize your crust handling

Minimal handling of crust dough as you roll it out and form it into a pan helps you achieve a tender crust.

Pie Making Tip #7 Use rice flour to roll out your dough

Having a hard time rolling out your dough? Rice doesn’t have any gluten so it won’t contribute to any toughness while rolling out your pie dough.

Pie Making Tip #8 Keep everything cold

Cold ingredients are the key to a flaky crust. Use ice water and cold (even frozen) ingredients when making your pie!

Pie Making Tip #9 Let pie dough rest

Always let your dough rest for at least one hour before handling it.

Pie Making Tip #10 Use a little apple cider vinegar in your pie dough

Adding a teaspoon to your current favorite recipe helps prevent any more gluten forming which makes for a tough crust.

BONUS TIP : The sacrificial slice: Check out the best way cut your first piece of pie !

We hope these tips help in your pie-making excursions this summer. Remember to check back on our blog for more great baking tips!