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The Top 10 Birthday Cake Alternatives

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 4:45pm

“Happy Birthday to you...” You sang it in your head, didn’t you?

Happy Birthday is undoubtedly the most recognizable song in the English language. This song has become synonymous with presents, happiness, parties, and you guessed it, cake! Birthday cake is a tradition that has been around for centuries. No matter how full your belly might be after a meal, you must always find room for birthday cake in the name of tradition!

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to birthday cake. Some people find buttercream icing too sweet and would prefer a smoother whipped cream icing. Some people completely scrape off the icing, and others won’t eat it without ice cream! Every so often, somebody might have a much different idea altogether.

Whether it be for health reasons or just to simply stand out, individuals will sometimes break all the rules of tradition and opt for a much different birthday treat instead of a cake. For those imaginative souls, here is a list of ten awesome birthday cake alternatives.


A somewhat predictable alternative to cake, pie is offered in many more flavors than cake and has the potential to please! Also, pie isn’t the most exotic alternative, so it would be less likely to turn away the more traditional guests.

alternatives to birthday cake - birthday pie
[pie image source]


When it comes to fast and easy birthday cake substitutes look no further than the granola bar pops! Depending on the ingredients, this treat could be a much healthier alternative.

alternatives to birthday cake - granola cake
[cake image source]

Jell-O “Cake”

This dessert is a healthy alternative to heavy cakes. Small cups of Jell-O or big molded cakes topped with whipped cream, fruit, and candles could be just the perfect combination of sweetness and tradition.

alternatives to birthday cake - Strawberry jello cake
[cake image source]


This Spanish tart can be either savory or sweet. The distinct texture of the flan is certainly an attention grabber and will most definitely be talked about for a long time.  Flan is a great option for a more formal gathering.

alternatives to birthday cake - flan
[flan image source]

Candy Fudge

Filling fudge with your favorite candies is a chocoholics dream! Mix in your favorite candy for a memorable treat. Fudge bars are extremely easy to transport and eat making them ideal for office celebrations and picnics.

alternatives to birthday cake - Candy Fudge Bars
[fudge image source]


There are several different ways to prepare birthday brownies. You might bake a pan of brownies and place candles in them, or put on your creative hat and go with something much more imaginative. Birthday brownie pops are an excellent choice!

alternatives to birthday cake - Birthday Brownie Pops
[brownie image source]

Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza is a sweet treat with healthy ingredients. This pizza has the potential to become your favorite dessert simply for the variety of fruits you can use as well as the easy preparation. Having your kids add the toppings would be a fun activity in itself!

alternatives to birthday cake - fruit pizza
[fruit pizza image source]

Dirt Cup

This birthday treat will make you very popular with your kids! Nothing is worse than paper plates with cake and ice cream getting spilled everywhere. Easy preparation and the reduced risk of messy clothes make this a party favor for everyone!

alternatives to birthday cake - dirt cups
[image source]

Popcorn Cake

Two words: Salty. Sweet. The playful color in this impressive dessert is an attention grabber for all ages. Slices from this cake are easy to eat and pack huge amounts of flavor!

alternatives to birthday cake - popcorn cake
[cake image source]

Bundt Cake

The diversity of Bundt cakes makes them an excellent birthday cake substitute! You can use angel food cake topped with mounds of strawberries and whipped cream for a shortcake dessert, or dress it in bright icing and sprinkles to keep the feel of tradition! Even chocolate lovers wouldn’t mind a slice or two!

alternatives to birthday cake - bundt cake
[cake image source]