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Sweetest 16 Baking Recipe Contest!

Monday, December 10, 2012 - 12:15pm

baking recipe contest

We are proud to announce that Solo Foods is hosting a baking recipes contest. We extended an invite to some of our favorite food bloggers, supplied them with Solo products, and let them be creative.

We now have 16 new Recipes all using Solo products, but that’s just where it begins! In order for a contester to win they need your votes! Head on over to and cast your vote now!  Then choose your favorite recipe and make it! We would love to hear feedback from these delicious dessert recipes! Vote Now!


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Submitted by casper on

I was late to read on the details on baking recipes contest. If i had known i would have applied of right.. Please do get me the details of it next time. I really want to be a part of the contest. I will be eagerly waiting for the call.