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Mardi Gras Recipes - The Best Desserts to Eat Before Lent

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 3:30pm

mardi gras recipes

Everyone has hear or seen the crazy festivities that take place around Mardi Gras. It is a night of wild celebration where people enjoy luxurious foods before committing to Lent the following day. Mardi Gras translated into Fat Tuesday in French, and means exactly that- Eat fatty foods!

Some of the traditional Mardi Gras foods include Cajun stews and jambalaya, shrimp, and traditional French food. We’ve also looked into the best Mardi Gras Desserts that you can indulge on before lent!

Classic Beignets

If you’ve never had a beignet, you’ve been missing out! They are similar to donuts and have been a traditional dessert in New Orleans for many years. These deep fried sweets aren’t the healthiest treat, but on Fat Tuesday they are the perfect recipe! 

King Cake

King Cake is an easy Mardi Gras Recipe that looks festive and fun for guests! You can make this many ways, but Libby shows a King Cake recipe with 2 basic ingredients. Make sure you decorate the top with purple, yellow and green- the three colors of Mardi Gras.

mardi gras recipes

Bananas Foster French Toast

Bananas Foster is a classic New Orleans dessert, and this is taking it one step further making it on French toast! Bananas foster is popularly known for its flames, but this caramelized treat is a decadence on Mardi Gras! 


Yes pancakes are huge on Mardi Gras, and there are hundreds of ways to make them! Many towns celebrate Mardi Gras with pancake celebrations so find your favorite pancake recipe and griddle up! We recommend these Cinnamon Bun Pancakes for Mardi Gras!

These Mardi Gras desserts are meant to be an indulgence! Before you practice lent or fasting of any sort, try these Mardi Gras Desserts. You’ll be transported to New Orleans!