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Five of Our Favorite Baking Blogs

Friday, January 27, 2012 - 12:45pm

Ever find yourself craving pie or cake, but want to mix it up with a fresh new recipe? When we get that urge, we turn to a few of our favorite baking bloggers. Here are five of the best on the web:

our favorite baking blogs - bake or breakBaking Bites -

Baking Bites has so much great content that even an amateur baker can appreciate. I loved her post recently about adding fruit preserves to a plain vanilla cheesecake. I have always limited fruit to the top of my cheesecake, but why not add it right into the middle? I may try a different pie filling each month until I find my favorite.


our favorite baking blogs - how sweet it isHow Sweet It Is -

How Sweet It Is has a very wide variety of sweet recipes, including sweet variations of more traditional foods (maple bourbon pork chops, anyone?). The one thing that can ruin a perfectly good cake is a dry texture, which is why I loved their chocolate cake made with apple pie filling. The filling keeps the cake wonderfully moist, without making the whole thing taste like apples. Give this one a try with Baker apple pie filling!


our favorite baking blogs - cupcake projectThe Cupcake Project -

If you haven’t seen the Cupcake Project, you’re missing out. The design is adorable, and the cupcakes are diverse, imaginative, and amazing! Be sure to check out their Black Forest cupcake recipe – chocolate, icing, sprinkles, and cherry pie filling, all in a single cupcake? What more could you want?


our favorite baking blogs - technicolor kitchenTechnicolor Kitchen -

Technicolor Kitchen is a cute site that adds a new recipe every few days. They have a nice blend of sweet and savory recipes. They have a delicious, adorable mini blueberry pie recipe that is definitely worth trying. (Give it a try with our natural blueberry pie filling, especially when berries are out of season!)


our favorite baking blogs - bake or breakBake or Break -

Some of the other baking /sites I’ve encountered have been a little intimidating, so when I first saw the site’s tagline, “Adventures of an amateur baker,” it immediately seemed a bit more accessible. When I found their blueberry jamboree recipe, I was hooked.