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Do You Need to Preheat the Oven?

Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 3:30pm

preheat oven

Morning time comes and the hungry kids are begging for a home cooked breakfast. You whip up some biscuits to service with a delicious fruit butter that you think is sure to please everyone. Just as you are about to bake them, you realize you forgot to preheat the oven. This is a truly a kitchen nightmare. Waiting another twenty minutes for the oven to preheat would mean 20 extra minutes of cranky kids that want their morning meal. In this anxious state, you say to yourself, “How bad would it be to stick them in now?” Cooking time would be cut down considerably and you’re sure that it’s worth it, but you forget to think how this will affect your culinary concoction.

To Preheat the Oven or Not to Preheat the Oven?

Take it from us, forgetting to preheat your oven will affect your food, and not in a good way! This is especially true for recipes that require high heat for a short amount of time, like biscuits or pastries. You will end up with an overcooked, soggy mess which could have been easily avoided. Though forgetting to preheat an oven may not affect a casserole, it would certainly affect the amount of time it would take to cook all the way through. Our suggestion—remember to preheat your oven or prepare to wait!

Don’t Blame it on Saving Money

According to the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, an energy cost comparison of ovens based on cooking an average casserole says that an electric oven running at 350⁰ for an hour would cost a whopping 16 cents. In addition, deciding not to preheat the oven and making it run longer would end up costing more! Remember that when you set your oven to a specific heat, an oven will not go over that temperature, and instead adjust to use less energy and keep the same temperature.

Make Preheating the Oven a Habit

Remembering to preheat your oven will save you effort and time in the long run. Every time you step into the kitchen to make a meal, ask yourself if you are using the oven. If so, turn up the heat!

Stay Away from the Oven Door

Say you do forget to turn the oven on and you decided to keep sneaking peaks to see if your casserole is on its way to Brown Town. Avoid the temptation! Opening up the door wastes energy and lets out a considerable amount of heat. Instead, use an oven light to check your tasty creation!

Once It’s On, Don’t Forget to Turn Off

Remembering to turn off your oven is just as important as remembering to turn it on. Keeping your oven on will just increase the amount of energy you use and may affect the internal temperature reading of your oven.